Cellstop | Cellphone & Web based fleet tracking and fleet management System
CellStop has a National footprint and a big footprint in Sub Saharan Africa. CellStop Fleet Tracking Offer tailor made solutions to customers of big and small fleet. They own the IP and have in-house development team. CellStop Fleet Tracking offer advanced tracking and fleet management solutions
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Our Systems

From 1 March 2010, SARS will require a Logbook to claim any car allowance. No more deemed private mileage. If you are a sole proprietor, you have to have a logbook to claim any traveling costs and if you have a company car, you can get a deduction for low usage with a Logbook.

How does Vehicle Tracking work?

The CellStop’s vehicle tracking device use an ultra sensitive GPS-GSM to pinpoint the location of your vehicle. Once the vehicle is located CellStop’s Control Centre provides live tracking, and can correctly indicate direction and speed of the vehicle as well as updating when any changes take place.

Monitoring Centre

CellStop’s 24/7 Vehicle Control Centre provides high security response,
with every alarm signal transmitted to the Monitoring Centre, our operators can immediately react to it by:  sending the intervention group, remotely immobilizing the vehicle, informing the car owner or taking action previously arranged with the owner.

Our Commitment to the Fleet owner

CellStop has developed it’s own mapping and GPS fleet management software programs that are tailored specifically to the needs of fleet managers and dispatchers. Fleet managers and dispatchers can track and communicate with their entire fleet in real time and receive customized management reports. The software is a PC based software.

We Cater

We cater for fleets of various sizes and we can assist you to achieve your business objectives. Realize the benefits of better information while avoiding redundant systems and added costs. Our telematics program offers two great tools in one integrated system to help you manage your people and vehicles real time. Now you can get asset optimisation and mobile workforce productivity in one convenient solution that can increase the profitability of your services and delivery operations, reduce fleet operating costs and decrease field asset-related risk.




• WRU© (Where aRe yoU)
• Track your vehicle via SMS in real time.
• VRU – Visual Map Position via SMS link.
• Daily Report SMS
• Vehicle trip summary info
• STATUS – System Health Check.
• Call in Position.



• WRU (Where Are YoU) track your vehicle via sms.
• VRU – Visual Map Position.
• Daily Report via SMS.
• Vehicle trip summary information.
• SARS Approved Logbook – CellStop’s Electronic i-Log.
• STATUS – report on Cellphone (System Health Check).
• Trip, Speed, Date and GPS coordinate info.


SVR Fleet

• WRU© (Where aRe yoU) track your vehicle via SMS.
• VRU – Visual Map Position via SMS link
• Daily Report SMS with vehicle trip summary info.
• Store Historical Data for 12 months
• Over speeding Alarm



• Overspeeding Alarm.
• Panel Tamper Alarm.
• Status SMS Report.
• Daily sms report.
• Backup Battery.
• ODO Reading.
• Speed reporting.

Our Services

With our systems, you hold the power.

We develop our own systems in-house.

There will always be a product for your requirements

Our systems help you keep track of your vehicle or fleet

Our 24/7 call centre is always there to assist

Our Mobile App

App Stores

CellStop puts the power in your hands. Access and Monitor all your vehicles from any location in the world, at any time.  With the new CellStop mobile fleet management application you can view all your vehicles on a single map in real time Access information about location, speed and trip reports and get alarm notifications of all fleet vehicles.


This app will save you time by giving you the ability to make quick decisions with the real time information it provides. Existing CellStop customers can simply download the app and log in with their i-Locate username and password.  If you recently installed a Cellstop system, auto register a login to view your vehicle.




We Support Your Financial Interest


Our Vision is to be a leading Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Company providing world class technology in
Sub-Saharan Africa. Our Mission is to provide cost effective solutions in Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management while delivering value for our


Passion – To be passionate about winning and about our brands, products and people, thereby delivering superior value to our shareholders. Excellence – To offer the best quality and service and exceed expectations.


Motivation – To celebrate success, recognizing and rewarding the achievements of individuals and teams. Innovation – To innovate in everything, from products to processes.

Customer Service

Customer Service Excellence – We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to
them. Integrity – We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising on
quality or the truth.


WRU (Where Are YoU) track your vehicle via sms from your cellphone in real time.

VRU - Visual Map Position

VRU - Visual Map Position via SMS on three different zoom levels

Control Room

Live Tracking and Recovery anywhere in South Africa

Daily Report

Summary report sent to designated handset of vehicle movements for the day at a customised time. Health Check of unit requested from handset.